Hickory Hill Farm 

Locally raised grass-fed beef, right here in Strafford!

Hickory Hill Farm is a 4th generation family owned and run cattle farm located in Strafford, NH. Steve Leighton is the farmer, however you may occasionally see other family members around helping out. Steve's great grandfather farmed Holstein cattle for milk as early as the 1860's. The Holsteins were a part of the family farm up until Steve switched over to Hereford cattle in the mid 1980's. Around 2008, he had the chance to purchase a few Texas Longhorns. He liked the fact that they are very rare in the New England area. He always loved how majestic they were and soon found their temperament and personality to be quite unique. He soon fell in love with the Texas Longhorn and through much research found their meat to be quite unique as well. Texas Longhorns are naturally lean cattle, therefore their meat is very lean as well. In fact, a full-bred Texas Longhorn is healthier than chicken! Over the last 10 years, we have raised and acquired many longhorns. Though we do still have some Hereford cross cattle, our majority is Texas Longhorns. Our farm holds a number of approximately 60 head of cattle that have the ability to roam over 60 acres of land. It is our drive to breed registered full-bred Texas Longhorns to develop cows with larger mass for breeding and beef sales. We occasionally have cows available for sale, please email us if interested. Our beef sales are available year round! We keep large amounts on hand, this allows you to purchase as little, or as much as you would like. Our cows are not pumped with any hormones or antibiotics. They eat the grass from the pasture, hay from our fields, and on rare occasions (usually if they are inside) will have some grain. We also use The Local Butcher, located right down the road in Barnstead, NH. All meat is USDA inspected!